ATV Safety Tips

All terrain vehicles, commonly known as ATVs, are widely used across the country for outdoor recreation. These vehicles are built to stand harsh and taxing conditions off of paved roads. Since they often take quite a beating when they are used, it is important to regularly maintain your ATV.

Maintenance for these off road machines is like the maintenance people perform on their automobiles. They are constructed in similar ways, but they place an emphasis on off-road driving. As such, there are certain areas that require more attention than others. Typically, the areas of an ATV that will suffer the most damage are the tires and suspension. Here are some safety tips to make sure you have a nice, fun day without any accidents.


Suspension, Engine, Brakes, Steering



Each of these parts should be inspected regularly to ensure that the ATV is in proper working condition. When ATVs are not in proper working condition, the user may be at a greater risk for suffering serious injuries. In many cases, ATV owners can service their own vehicles. Some may opt to take them  to certified repair shops. Regardless, it is important for owners to understand what areas of their vehicles require extra care, maintenance, and inspection. Unfortunately, even the best tuned ATV can be in an accident because of terrain conditions or driver errors. When this happens, individuals riding ATVs may suffer serious injuries, and the vehicles may be seriously damaged or even destroyed.


Safety Gear

The most important thing to remember is that safety should be every rider's first consideration. If you aren't well protected, you can get yourself into a serious accident. Eye goggles are one of the most important things to wear, as they can protect your eyes from flying rocks and dust that could cause you to go blind. Wearing a helmet is also essential, as it will protect you from a head injury if you get into an accident. Wearing the right body armor and suit will help to keep you from any serious injuries to your chest, as well as from tearing up the skin of your legs and arms. Never go off-roading without these safety items.


Be Wary Of Stunts



Just because you have ridden an ATV for a few years or months doesn't mean you are ready to do stunts yet. Unless you have some serious stunt training, avoid doing crazy things that can land you in the hospital. A good number of people have died or gotten seriously injured while trying to do something crazy or showing off to their friends.


Learn To Ride Properly

Riding an ATV may look easy when it's done on a track or the road, but off-roading can be extremely dangerous. If your ATV flips, your injuries can range anywhere from broken bones to death. Consider taking lessons or getting help from an expert before venturing out.


Not All Paths Can Be Crossed



Just because you are riding an ATV doesn't mean that you can go everywhere. There will be terrain that will be impassable, and you need to accept that. Avoid getting into mud or waterholes, even if you think your ATV can take it. Above all, avoid any paths that you know have dangerous drop offs or end near cliffs.


As mentioned above, just because you can go off-road and into rough and rugged places, doesn't mean that you should. And if you do want to go, make sure to never go alone, for safety reasons. Also, realize what your ATV can do and what it can't, or what it has a hard time with. So with friends and the proper safety equipment, you should be good to go!